Alternatives to Foreclosure!!

Gulf Coast Home Experts Urges Delinquent Borrows to

Seek Alternatives to Foreclosure


Pensacola, Florida – (Jan 5, 2012) – For the 6.3 million homeowners in the United States who are burdened by the stress of being behind on their mortgage payments, the holidays represent a particularly stressful time, observed Cynthia Tant with Gulf Coast Home Experts.

Noting that the fear of foreclosure tends to cause many homeowners to go into denial or become frozen into inaction, Tant has launched a campaign at the outset of the holiday season to remind homeowners that they are not alone.  A Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Tant is tapped into foreclosure avoidance alternatives, is adept in negotiating with major banks. In addition Tant is on top of the full range of schemes that scam artists have come up with to take advantage of homeowners who are in search of solutions to an impending foreclosure.

“For financially strapped homeowners, the gift of a fresh start could be the greatest gift that they could offer their family in the New Year,” Tant said.

“Contrary to popular belief,” Tant said, “banks truly do not want to foreclose on your home and add another property to their balance sheets.” And even though more and better foreclosure options are available now than ever before, the distressed properties landscape is complicated and full of pitfalls. The most important step that a homeowner can take toward finding a solution is aligning themselves with a trained professional who has the expertise and the commitment to help.

For a copy of the free report, “Mortgage Payments Weighing You Down,” that Cynthia Tant has prepared to provide distressed property owners with an overview of their options and what they need to watch out for, go to

Cynthia Tant, PhD, CDPE, CIAS
Gulf Coast Home Experts
17 S Palafox Place, # 306
Pensacola FL  32502
Ph# (850) 393-5134



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